Friday, April 17, 2009

a friday

its a bizy week.
its a bz day actually

woke up at 5.20
studied a bit,
fell a sleep a while later,
woke up again at 6.30,
study some more,
took a bath at 8,
went to the exam hall at 8.30,
took a the exam at 9.

vomited out random ideas for 3 hours,
took pictures at the 'tangga besar' at 12.30 to commemorate the end of 2nd year,
start to pack stuff at 2.30,
mom came for my stuff at 3.15,

wit the help of my wonderful room8,
went up and down the stairs for god noes how many times,
new foreign students check in to my room,
agak smelly la those people,

i didnt even checked out yet.

check out of my room at 4.30,
i drove home at 5
reached home at 5.45,
took a 15 minute nap,
took a bath.
of to work...

so here i am,
waiting for my debaters to come,
and its 9.00 already.
we were suppose to meet at 8.30.

long day.

and sad.


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