Sunday, April 5, 2009

Single dad or without a dad?

after my last post i got really emotional
and i decided to find the short film i mentioned..
so that i could share it with everyone..

this one is about the relationship a father has with his daughter...
i like this one a lot also...

it makes me wonder how great it would be if my father was like this.
he never was.

this is the short movie i was talking about..
its a beautiful 3 minute film that i above race and gender...
its touches the essence of Malaysian diversity
and also about the Family Institution.

dont forget to tell me wat u think

vids can be downloaded


2 people give a shit!:

LoLa Z. Izham said...

Oh my Gosh..
They're beautiful..
I had tear in my eyes watching the two vids.. Huhu. Great ones..

aMaeBa said...

i cant stop watching these two vids also...

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