Wednesday, April 8, 2009

10 hours!

im stressed!

im stressed due to several reasons,

1. havent finish my report which is due tomorrow
2. i cant go to sleep because of some reason i cant tell the world
3. i cant continue doin my report coz ive been doin it since 10 hours ago -NON STOP!
4. im not sure if i can finish it
5. my body is really tired from this exm fever.


owh btw,
do u remember when the time when ur friends say that,

'Dont ever change!'

do they mean it literally?

coz im experiencing some really weird feelings
towards people suddenly started changing...
i dont really get it.

im not sure wether its changing or returning..
not goin to explain.

like i said before a month ago,
people do change.

deal with it,
i guess.

and good night!

2 people give a shit!:

LoLa Z. Izham said...

Totally understand. I have one due tomorrow and I still have along way to go. Sigh.

*bangs head on sign*

aMaeBa said...

haha... useful huh?

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