Saturday, April 18, 2009

brand new day

as human beings,
we are prone to do mistakes everyday of our lives...
it is the choises that we make each day
that determine us as to who we really are.

i have done a lot of mistakes my entire life.
many of them i will never tell a soul

and i have done quite a few the last couple of weeks.

and i need to apologise about that.

for those who was directly and inderectly related,
i would like to say
im sorry.

i have unintentionally offended many people,
i honestly would like to clarify that my action in regarding to a previous post entitled 'equality' was the result of overflowing of emotions which does not help a already unstable mind.
wat i have written does not signify the real reality of the situation.
wat i did was dumb and wrong.

wat i have learned from this event is that words can hurt.
words not used in a proper manner can offend a lot of people,
eventho it is not intended.

we could mean somthing,
but poeple could understand it as somthing else,

just like literature,
so many views on a single line...
so many thoughts.


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