Saturday, April 25, 2009

wat have i been up to?

honestly ive been busy training the TIKL's debate team
a lot of hard work had to be done...
but i didnt actually did much as i was working
with the best debate trainers around.

Mss Leela.
this is actually the person whom i respect and love very much.
she was my debate trainer few years back.
she was the person who made me interested in teaching.
she is a person that taught me that
learning is a never ending process...
never let urself be satisfied with wat u have
and always strive to learn new things
never mind even if that person if ur student.
treat a person with respect in order to recieve respect.

Miss Lin
she is also a person who respect much.
even tho she is married with a daughter,
i still cant quite get that fact inside my mind.
and i would still call her miss.
my english teacher of 2 years.
dedicated and always thinking of her students first.
strict but yet fun and enjoys life at the same time.
even tho u dont ask anythin from her,
she would always offer a helping hand.

and ME!
-mind the baju batik... government servant la katakan-

Pn Marina.
she was also the debate trainer when i was in the schools debate team
but she couldnt join this year as she is on maternity leave.
she was always the garang one, but soooo caring in her own way.
the person who made me interested in dance
i would never forget her saying
'Mael! Pandai nyer buat Lines and Boxes'

but seriously,
the TIKL debate team have been a force to messed with for years!
(when intertechnical schools is concerned.)
we have been the Regional Champions 5 times out of the past 6 years,
the National champions 3 times in a row in 04, 05 and 06.
and i do think it is due the teachers who trained the team.

so, actually i just came back from the regional level championship in Shah Alam.
our team had such a hard time over there...
mostly due to the organizers.

the first round was against SMT Gombak!
the irony.
well the motion is
'Mothers should stay at home to raise their children'
we were the government.
and basically we won.

second round.
we were goin against SMT Setapak.
the motion was
'coursework is more important than examination'
again we were the government
and without any major problems,
we won.

semi Finals!
we went against SMT Klang who defeated us last year.
the motion was
'Maths and Science should be conducted in English'
a fovourite of mine but i didnt think the students
were mature enough to really get this topic tho.
its more for grown ups i guess.
so we were the government again
and we won!

we were against the tuan rumah this time.
SMT Shah Alam who is famous for their rude and aggresive tactics.
that was not goin to bother us as we were prepared for it.
the motion was
'sport incentives motivate Malaysian Athletes'
i honestly dont like this topic.
seems ~blah~ to me.
and guess what?
we were the Government AGAIN!
and things went magnificently.

we went into the competition under prepared and
the debaters were actually under trained.
but they did really well.

so, next month would be the nationals.
i would like to be able to be the teacher trainer for that one as well.
but let see how things go.
it will be in Taiping.

this is wat ive been up to for the last 3 weeks.
even b4 i finished my exams,
i was already helping out with the debate team.
and im expecting lots more work to be coming my way.

have a great weekend.
toodles everybody.

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LoLa Z. Izham said...

Those are seriously great news!!

Awesome job, Esmael!!


aMaeBa said...

tanx lola!

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