Monday, March 23, 2009

a woman's smile, a man's memory

Field with Factory

Rimbun Consultants
(my groups name)
presented our final presentation of the semester a few hours ago...
upon waiting our groups turn to present,
i felt a little insecure of our status..
all the teams was commented on their work...
the lecturers were really goin all out...

i got nervous.

then finally when our turn comes up at
4.00 pm,
one of the lectrrs said,
'u have 30 minutes...GO!'

say wat???
everybody else had like an hour and a half to present..
no fair..

we really had to present quickly,
my group leader was first to present,
so far so good.

k.N's turn was next,
it went pretty well,
no major comments YET.

then it was my turn...
one of them said..
'i think ur proposal is really good, but ur location SUCKS!'

owh, sh*t!
let the war begin.
everythin just went downhill from there...

it was not like we couldnt answer the questions,
its just that we were never aware that the lectrrs felt that way about our work...

then they asked us to skip to the conclusion as our 30 minutes had ended,
i was already feeling rather down,

i loved our conclusion,
i think its really understandable and very beautiful in a way.

let me just write it here...

a town without old buildings is like a man without a memory.
a town without a streetlife is like a woman without a smile.

nice isnt it?
well, i think so.

so, after the presentation,
the lectrrs had their final comments on our work.
bro Naz said,

'well, i am dissapointed in a sense that
the flow of ur presentation was a bit hare wire
starting rite after the second presenter...
if i could say,
i think ur group have outdone urselves...
u've suprised me
i think ur justification on ur proposals are very good.
i think ur group is the best in that sense.'

the best?
but we were so bad...
i felt like crying.
i could swear i felt a tear coming.

i gave my all into this.

i wanted to do well so badly.
i hated that we were undermined!

i really wanted to show them wrong and
to make them regret saying those words...

now i feel a bit better..
not as bitter as before...

just one thing tho,
did they read our conclusion????

toodles y'alls!

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owh mael....kita patut record yang part the best tu...hahhaha..sebagai kenang-kenangan..

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