Friday, March 27, 2009

Paper or Plastic?

Enclosed Field with a Sower in the Rain


its easier said than done...
i tried doin it for the past year.
even my friends would invite me to river clean ups and thing like that...
i have yet to go.
sad isnt it?

goin green is not sometin to be looked lightly...
its not sometin easy as if eating peanuts.
goin green is a lifestyle...
i am slowly goin to that direction...
i have recently bought a bio-degradable bags that is used to replace
plastic bags...
so far i've used it twice...
- ok, i noe its not much -
but i do feel bad when i forget to bring it.
coz then i would have to take the pastic bags...

sorry everybody.

ill try harder!

now i am goin to buy more of those bags
and ill put it everywhere...
in my room,
in the car,
in my backpack,
u get my drift.

come on everybody,
let us be a bit more green,
dont try to suddenly change ur lifestyle completely,
start slow,
try with sometin small,
maybe u could,

1. the most obvious answer would be to recycle
2. separate ur garbage into their categories.
3. if u love shopping like me, u could buy a bio-degradable bag
4. stop using products that use synthetic materials.

things like that.

trust me,
u would feel so good when u do accomplish these things...

dont forget about the Earth Hour on the 28th of March
from 8.30 to 9.30...

let us all switch off our lights for one hour
and prove a point that we could work together and
work as one to help our dying planet.

Go Earth!

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