Thursday, March 5, 2009

not a very good tyme

Training Ground

most people have a very precious that the hold very dear to their heart.
a locket
a book
a watch
a pair of shoes
a pendant
a brooch
anything u can think of...
somebody in the world holds it dear to their hearts.
no matter wat ever happens,
people will do anythin to protect it.
i hold my frens just the same way.
dont make them sad.
dont make them cry.
dont make them unhappy.
(unless they asked for it....)

i will wish for somethin to happen back to u as how u did to them,

'Allah tue maha adil'

i may not be able to pay back personally.
but u just wait.
it will happen.
plz dont mistreat them.
my friends are normal human being just like u.
they are entitled the same respect just like u.
they have feelings just like u.

my frens do do mistakes.
and i totally get angry at them.
i may not know the whole story,
and i may be invading.
ill say sorry in advance.

but plz.
reflect on wat u have done as an individual.
did the things u did just now reflect who u are?

i am not angry.
i am not blaming anybody.

i am merely dissapointed.

i am dissapointed in everybody,
including my frens as this has got out of hand.
plz get this settled.
i dont like seeing my frens like this.

as weird as u are.

u are my family.


2 people give a shit!:

Nadiah Kzaman said...

Soo cute that sometimes i realized myself as being most of the mood in ur icons dear mael.
Erm talking bout frenz eyh..yeh yeh,what more as a person can offer if we cannot understand and appreciate them aite.

Share..The Kindness.
Nurture..Good Things.

And people will do d same as u just did..

p/s:N satu icon yg kak nad plg suka yg HOT MAMA tu..i wish i were that person in another 20years laterr..Hehe..I just wish.

Hell 'yeah' to tha hot mama to-be (me) n evrybody wishin just d same thang!


aMaeBa said...

kak nad...
confident aje!
hot mama!

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