Monday, March 9, 2009


Autumn Landscape

this is goin to be a very short post.
lately i been havin a lot of peole viewing my blog,
(which is weird, coz not many people noe of it...)
so i just wanted to make sure that i say this...

most of wat i have written in here
does not represent me as a human being..
i do not have anythin against old and fat people.

any problems?
even is u do have any, just shove it up ur **s!
coz i dont care..

this blog is just posts of sudden inspiration
and stuff i find funny.

so, k.N jgn marah ye...

syg k.N.. hehhee...
u are a dear fren.
syg akak tak ikot g melaka...

p.s ill write sometin about my trip to melacca on the next post.


2 people give a shit!:

thE^DuCheSs said...

hahhaha..sape K.N mael? cam kenal je...rasenya budak tu tak dek terase pun ngan ko...hatta walau sekecil anak kuman..hahahhaha... wot happen in malacca? best ke? asal2?

aMaeBa said...

takde la..
beli belah...
sembang2 dgn pak chik beca..
agak best la gak.

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