Saturday, May 9, 2009

that's just how things happen somtims..

things are so quite...

it was decided that we cant represent the school for the nationals next month.
the runner-ups would.

a lot of things happened the last few weeks...
im tired
im tired of explaining the story
im tired of the thing itself
im just tired....

basically im really pissed.

i cant tell u how heart breaking it is to see
your own student crying in dissapointment
after being told such shocking news...

Sorry girls.
things are just not meant to be this year.

to the devilish woman in Shah Alam,
after what u have done to my girls and to my school,
noe that we will come get u next year with a vengence.
we are goin to give u such a hard time,
its not even goin to be funny.

to Mss Leela,
sorri that we failed to represent the school.
to tell u the truth i had so much fun being in the team,
its much a different feeling and im feel proud that i was able to be helpful to the team.
i do hope u dont feel down and decided to never do debate again,
but i u do decide otherwise i beieve it would be a major loss for the student to be unable to work with one of the best debate trainers around.
all the best and god bless.

To Shafiqah,
sorry u cant go to the nationals
as u are already in form 5.
plz noe that all the teachers expect great things from
u and we do believe u have a lot of potential.
believe in urself and work hard like u've always did.

to Najihah,
have fun in Sri Puteri,
soak in eveythin u can from that school and im expecting
u to become an excellent debater over there.

to Dyna,
sorry that we cant see more of u debating as u only did one round,
but im sure with tonnes of practice u can shine.

to all the other debaters and team members.
sorry that the school cant go to Taiping,
so much of internal affairs in goin on and
basically the principle did everythin in her power to fight for us but
things are not meant to be.
tanx for ur hardwork and good luck in life.

to the form 5's good luck in ur studies.

to the form 4's lets kick their butts next year and make them regret havin to mess with us.


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