Wednesday, May 13, 2009

online marvels..

The past week had been fun,
celebrated mother's day,
celebrated aimi's graduation
apart from other stuff.

mothers day was a hell of a day,
the night before i was busy organizing a way to
pick up the present i bought for my mom.
i am now proud to say that i ordered somtin online.


so, i bought my mom a vintage handmade brooch.
i actually fell in love with the brooch when i was browsing thru the blog
i thought it looked really antique.
i just had to buy it for mom.

so, after organising a plan of action the night before with
syuhada (the owner of the business)
i realised that i had to go to Subang Parade.
where syuhada's stall was,
i had no idea how to go there...
finally after much persuasion,
i manage to ask my sis to take me there.

this is the brooch i bought my mom.
:credit: to syuhada for the pic.

this is the necklace i bought aimi for a graduation present.
:credit: to syuhada for the pic.

this thing is sooooo aimi.

it has been a good week.
and for those who are interested to noe about this
jewelry store where i bought all this stuff just leave me a comment, K?


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Syuhada said...

awww... so cool u've mentioned my store on ur blog. next purchase i'll surely give u discount! hehe.

ohh yaa.. the action plan the night before. hahaha. i was the devil persuading u. so glad that u came. it was great doin business with u and ur sis. come again soon yahh..!

aMaeBa said...

haha... sure!
ill come and visit soon.

Nelza Rahim said...

omg! the second is really nice! :D

aMaeBa said...

kan? interested??

Nelza Rahim said...

SANGAT! definitely gonna buy something from there soon! :D

aMaeBa said...


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