Wednesday, January 28, 2009

whiteboards and towels

there was once a time when i was very eager to go to classes... well, i still do... but lately things have changed slightly... there is one particular educator which have really changed my impression of lecturers... this wonderful individual have been saying really unapropriate things. i dont really noe if this person said it intentionally or not, but it does not matter...

Bridge at Arles

all i noe is that an educator must not be saying those kind of things about a student... if one says a student is 'bodoh' then what does it show about the person that is suppose to be teaching that student?

this person also said to us that we are not to take anytin from the hotel room especially the towels and tv!

wat the hell?
how in the world are we suppose to smuggle a tv?

but that is besides the point....

those kind of words SIMPLY should not come out from a mouth of a person we as students have entrusted to be teaching and educating us... PERIOD! but yet life moves on, and i will patiently wish that she will realise that wat she has said was wrong and apologise accordingly..

coz wat she said actually hurts.

today, is a really, really lazy and sleepy day... i was having a real hard time staying awake in class... tying to avoid from the lecturer seeing my eyes being crosseyed.

have u ever experienced those kind of days when u just feel tired and inneed for just a few minutes of extra sleep? just because yesterday was a holiday?


it seem when u go back to your home during ur holidays, your body adapts quickly to the easy lifestyle at home. but when the holidays are done, the body refuses to work in the high pace condition it use to work in prior to the holidays...

SIMPLY said, our body just needs a few moments to gear back to working conditions... hahaha..

my notes from the class today


10 things about class today:

1. j was not there...

2. i was soooo waiting for the break

3. i remembered somtin about sampling techniques today

4. that mean is the same thing as an average...(same thing we learn in form 1)

5. i had a chicken curry pau during break...

6. i was sitting beside ustad

7. i was playing around with jai and wawad most of the tyme.

8. the differerence between a heterogeneous and homogeneous set of data

9. that atleast two people are required to manually get the spot speed of a vehicle

10. everytime the lecturer looked at me i nood in agreement to watever he said befor eventhough i was not listening...

so, as a conclusion...
pay attention in class and give the lecturers the due respect the deserve, not like me today...
so that hopefully the lecturers realise the respect we give them and treat us with respect as well...


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