Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mawar Bersinar?

Vase mit Sonnenblumen

today i wanna talk about my experience in parenting class today...
first of all i just wanna say that my ustaz ROCKS! he is totally funny and have made my experience in a university requirement class a bit more bareable...

on my way to class, i actually fell into a drain... the grill which was actually suppose to prevent people from falling into the drain was crooked and slipped off from under my feet.. the result being a bloody ankle and a busted laptop...

we start off the class actually quite late, around 8.20.... but its ok. the lecture started of with the revision of last weeks topic which was about the conditions of a marriage... BORING! then we moved on to the basic conditions of a successful marriage. the ustaz said sometin about a family must produce good members of the community... hehe. as if we can produce goods like factories do... i now realise that one day i may have a child. how am i goin to raise that child into a hardworking member of society?

well, lets not think about it now... lets stick with the topic on hand...

the lecture today was actually about the rights and responsibilities.
first about the rights of a husband

1. the leader of a family
2. must be respected by the family
3. the wife must satisfy his sexual needs... hehe. (the ustaz refuses to elaborate)
4. no optional fast and solat without his approval.

wat actually that makes the class so memorable was the part bout the rights of the child.

the ustad explained that upon the wife giving birth to the child the husband must lafaz the azan to ear of the child lightly...
(not using the microphone incase of the parents trying to record the event...)

then we should also treat the baby with sweets like honey and kurma.
(not chickedees or ice-cream, ok?)

then we should give a name to the baby that have a good meaning..
ustaz explained that lately parents like to mix their names in order to name their child.
for example, the fathers name is Mazlan and the mothers name is Faridah. the parents then came up with
as the name for the poor child...
hahaha.. kesian la the kid.

he also said somtin that lately people also like to give names originating from malay words..

the example given by ustaz....
'Intan Terpilih..'
kesian la manusia itu

as a conclusion, dont SIMPLY give the name for ur child without ever thinking about his or her future... yes, i noe it sounds cute when he or she is a baby but imagine growing up and meeting a client whos name is
Mawar Bersinar?
dont you feel sorry for the person?


3 people give a shit!:

zaRain said...

MAEL.....~!!! hehe..

LoLa said...

Hahaha. True. SOme people can be so cruel when it comes to naming stuff. Mawar Bersinar? Poor child ;)

aMaeBa said...

rain - betul la kan?

lola - so true... kadang2 kesian la org yg nama die pelik2 nie... but as long as the person have confidence, it doesnt matter...

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