Saturday, May 14, 2011


my blackberry is crap.
yesterday it decided to go die on me and
i m now left with a newly bhot rm88 samsung phone.
*dont get jealous yaw, it has a flashlight.*

i feel a bit weird to have to press a button 3 times
to type a certain letter. XD
hahaha. no wonder i didnt send a lot of sms's in the past.

so now my phone is at the workshop,
still waiting for the call to tell me whats wrong with it.
the guy said it would atleast take a week.
and thats only to identify whats wrong with it!!

why la i had to buy a blackberry??
i should have just bhot an iphone!!

again i would like to say


2 people give a shit!:

hidayahjamal said...

buy new one lahhh :) hehe

aMaeBa said...

where got money sayang oi.
kalau ada duit dh lama campak ke tong sampah bb tu. heeee

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