Thursday, May 5, 2011

10 Things I Really Hate

1. I hate people who cant properly stop their vehicles before the yellow box
at intersections until the point that they cant even see the red light turn green
and the people have to honk to make him go!
as u may assume, i have road rage.

2. I hate it when relatives think i that im a smart and great student coz i noe im not
and i really was one i would still not tell any of my relatives coz they would totally
not be discrete about it and the whole clan would be expecting so much.. but the
root of the problem is still the fact that im stupid. yes.

3. i hate packing and moving. it doesnt matter when i am moving from nor where i am moving too, i always end up not finding things that are important! and it is really a problem coz i
have so much stuff and most of it are not even mine, (its borrowed) and i need to return them but i cant find where ive put it. so yeah. stress.

4. i hate that throughout all my life that people think that i good in english. to tell u the truth
i would only call myself mediocre at best. its either this people have really low standards or they really dont understand english that well at all.

5. i hate that friends think that people should act bitchy as appose to being fake. i understand that being bitchy is fun and the world would be so less interesting without people like that, but in truth, these people are just there to create lies and conflict. nothing is really gained from acting like that.

6. i hate when people say. "are u the youngest of ur siblings?"
and continued by saying "aahh, no wonder" when i say yes. wat the F is that suppose to mean?
did u do some research on the parallel similarities of youngest born child in the family that we have this traits that makes us deemed similar?

7. i hate it when people who im not really close with say that they noe me.
i especially hatex2 it when the thing that they say they "know" about me is wrong...
i dont say to people that i noe them well even if i do coz people change. and things that they do also change. the only being that noes that individual well enuf to say that is GOD and ur mom.

8. i hate people who cant understand that i love doing stuff on my own and i dont rely on people to have fun. i have my own set of stuff that i love to do and i believe everyone does. its just that i enjoy spending some time with myself. preferably with really great internet excess.

9. i hate people complaining that. i hate that i tend to complain as well.
complaining wont get you anywhere. especially if u complain about somebody
behind their back. i noe somebdy like that and i honestly wish he would
just die being role over by a steam roller. that is how annoyed i am of these people.
why do that? why do I do that?

10. i hate backbiters. if u dont like me. fine. enough. i honestly do not care. but why
spread hate to the world? if u really want to one up me u could simple just approach me?
im not that scary. im just relatively mean. i can understand that people could not be
friends with everybody they come in contact with. that would just be a miracle. but
spreading hate like that is just a low blow. its disgusting and not to mention sinful.

there u have it.
10 of the things i hate.
i have more tho.
but its the kind of hate i can still live with.
so, tell me about what u hate.
leave a comment down below.


6 people give a shit!:

Sam said...

Number 1. You said it.

aMaeBa said...

the only one that everyone could relate too. XD

urungku said...


aMaeBa said...


Lola Izham said...

I am going to post an entry that is inspired by you! :D
And I too hate it when ppl complain that I do not do stuff with them. Like, er, duh, just because I like doing things on my own, it doesn't make me a social retard. I love me! Why is that a problem! Grr.
Oh, and, I miss you! And the girls! And prawns!! :((

aMaeBa said...

tau takpa. its disturbing that people actually cares that we are not spending enuf time with them. the have legs and hands... its not like i have to do everything with them.. grrr

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