Friday, May 6, 2011

Candy anyone?

According to Pruitt D.G., Parker J.C. & Mikolic J.M.

Annoyance is an unpleasant mental state that is characterized by such effects as irritation and distraction from one's conscious thinking. It can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. The property of being easily annoyed is called petulance, and something which annoys is called a nuisance.

so i get annoyed easily. when i get annoyed over one matter it makes it
that much easier for me to get angry on the matters that ive mentioned in my last post.
but it does not mean that im always pissed.
yes, i get angry but one trait does not define who i am.
people are much more complex that to be defined or classified in a single group is just silly.
nor can a person be defined over an action that he/she has decided to do on
one particular day. its much harder than that.

but dont get me wrong, a person must still know how to differentiate between the
good and the bad. the Quran has stated that once a person has reached the point of
baligh (maturity) that he should be able to decide for himself what should or should not
be done. therefore he must be accountable for his actions.

but that is different topic all together.
that may involve crime, sin and judgement.
who m i to talk about that right?
i m just a person who wished he took a degree in Law. T.T

i dont like to judge a person without actually knowing the person.
i see that happening sooooOOO often these days.
in the internet, on the newspaper, its everywhere!
kids are fighting over stuff i dont even understand
how it could be a problem in the first place.

for example,
theres this girl group who is trying to debut in Malaysia called

from what ive read,
they strive to be seen as a Kpop-ish Malaysian Group (Mpop)
they came out with a teaser poster awhile ago and
it is seen that the girls sport matching outfits mimicking groups like
4Minute, Girls Day and such..

the problem lies with the bad reception they are getting from people
all over the country.
people are saying that
1. they are wearing such skimpy outfits that puts Malaysia to shame.
2. why do we need a kpop-ish group in malaysia anyway?
3. that the girls are short and ugly.

i personally dont have a problem with the group.
who knows?!
they could be good.
its not like they have come out with music yet to be judging them so harshly.
i dont think its a problem with what they are wearing,
yeah, i get that its a bit skimpy, but come on people,
have u seen the girls in Malaysia these days?? this is actually kinda not so bad..
come on malaysia, dont tell me you havent seen worse.
dont be a hypocrite.

and i understand why a production company is going with this..
kpop these days is making huge money worldwide.

kpop sells.
the industry generates a lot of money.
why not take full advantage of it?
beside, its not like the Malaysian music industry is going anywhere right?
this could make for good competition.
*who noes, im being optimistic again*
come on people dont be stupid and start judging
things that we have yet to have any knowledge about.
learn to give things a try.
if u still dont like them after giving them a go,
then u can return to the comforts of your akademi fantasia tu.. *pfft!*

so what do you think of this kpop-ish group?
do you think they deserve the shit they are getting?
or do you think they deserve some slack?
let me know in the comments below.

toodles! :D

4 people give a shit!:

AJ said...

oi the short part tu terasa wey! i just had some guy tell me im short with a fat ass and fugly face.sigh.that hurts.

urungku said...

it really is weird! but still
give them a chance and we'll see
but no offence
they should at least find a better name!

aMaeBa said...

aj: i didnt mean to offence anyone! XD

aMaeBa said...

aini: agak la. that one i cant deny. wat the hell with gula2??!?!?!

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